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5 Wrought Iron Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Homeowners love adding wrought iron touches to their homes and properties. Wrought iron fixtures and features can serve as signature design accents that unify the look and feel of your outdoor space in addition to providing crucial functionality and structural support. Let's take a look at a few of the ways the iron alloy is making an appearance in yards and gardens across the country.

Outdoor Furniture

Wrought iron patio chairs offer infinite design options. Whatever the duration of the warm-weather weeks in your region, you live for the barbecues, lunches, and sunsets, a good outdoor furniture setup can accommodate. Particularly when you’re working alongside an outdoor grill or fire pit, wrought iron gives you solid, durable, weather-resistant furniture pieces you can use season after season. With Chicago ironworkers customizing the project, you can create the precise shape, size, and color to compliment your home's other wrought iron elements.


Maybe it’s nostalgia for that Sound of Music scene, but the classic wrought-iron gazebo has become a popular backyard highlight, particularly for homeowners with extensive grounds who want to enjoy a sitting area farther off—something removed from the main house that offers its own view of your lawn and the surrounding landscape. An experienced ironworker can help you create an ideal structure to withstand harsh weather and enrich those starry summer nights.


Nobody’s born with a green thumb—but it’s a designation you can achieve! A wrought iron greenhouse takes your gardening options to the next level. Flowers, herbs, produce—you name it, the ability to maintain a climate-controlled environment allows you to cultivate and care for plants and vegetables that wouldn’t fare as well in the exposed atmosphere of your yard. The proper wrought iron framing will give you a greenhouse with the sturdiness and support for a robust growing operation!


Suppose you need a property divide or want to section off part of your yard for a garden, dog run, pool area, or other feature. In that case, wrought iron fencing creates that stylish and protective dividing line to frame and showcase the site and provide a barrier that either contains or bars the animals or yard occupants you want on a specific side of the line. Ask MJ Ironworks about wrought iron fence designs. Protect children, protect select vegetation—give yourself complete management over your property.


When you’re expanding your property— adding a deck, a guest house, mobile office, outdoor shed, or any kind of building annex, you might need an adjacent staircase to accommodate an elevated entrance. Or maybe you have a retaining wall or sloped portion of your yard that could do with some stair steps. Whatever the scenario, a wrought-iron unit tailored to the needs of the site gives you that reliable solution to enhance your property and provide the convenience and functionality you’re seeking.

Whatever project you want to undertake, MJ Ironworks brings you Chicago’s finest ironworks team. We assist homeowners looking to strengthen the structure and design of their home or outdoor space. Our team continually delivers a range of customized products that meet the precise specifications of many singular sites. Contact us to discuss your own wrought iron aspirations.

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