Iron vs. Wood?

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Interior Railings: Iron vs. Wood?

There are many great benefits to having an interior railing, including adding value to your home, increasing your home’s style, and extra protection for walkways and stairways. When it comes to choosing your perfect interior railing, however, it can be tricky to narrow down your choice due to the sheer number of great and stylish options out there.

Two of the most practical and popular choices for interior railings are iron and wood, but they can offer entirely different practicalities and design features. So which one would be best for you and your home?

Wood is a very popular choice for many home features and furnishings, and with this in mind, it may be that you’ve never really considered an iron railing for your home. There may be more options out there than you first considered to suit your home’s design.

What is Your Home’s Existing Style?

This is an important question to ask as a starting point if your railing is going to be in a prime spot, such as a staircase or hallway. You’ll want your home’s style to work cohesively, so if you already have existing wooden features everywhere, for instance, then you may want a wooden railing to best match.

Standing the Test of Time

When considering railing choices, you want something which is extremely strong and durable. With any home investment, you need to be sure you can rely on the feature for many years to come. Using Iron Works for your railing is a stronger choice with a higher life expectancy than wood. Iron railings will always put strength at the fore, compared to wooden railings, which can more easily disintegrate over a long period of time.


Interior Railings: Iron vs. Wood

Wood is More Susceptible to Damage

Choosing wood means that your railing is going to be at risk of issues such as damp and wood termites. Wood can easily warp and also run into issues if not maintained properly. Wood, therefore, needs a lot more care and attention than iron railings would. With iron, you never have to worry about a change in temperature affecting your structure, and you definitely don’t have to worry about termites or damp.

You Might Have More Choice with Iron

Iron is much easier to shape than wood, which means a lot more design options available for you. You may even be able to find completely customized iron railings that have been shaped for your specific design requirements. This kind of flexibility is less readily available with wood, which is usually in set designs, so it entirely depends on the kind of style options you’d like to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between iron and wood is dependent on your own style preferences and what you’re looking for in the long term. If you’re already a fan of metal styles and if you’re looking for something which requires less maintenance over time, iron railings are ideal for a strong solution. With wood, you will need to make sure you can take care of your wooden railing to make sure it lasts.

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