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Are Open Riser Stairs The Next Trend in Home Improvements?

One of the most recent trends growing in popularity is open riser staircases. An open riser staircase is a full-length set of stairs omitting a vertical space between the adjacent treads, producing a modern, light and airy aesthetic. The growing trend is in response to the weightless and transparent design of these stairs, providing an obstructed view of your home for everyone to enjoy.

While an open riser staircase would pair beautifully in any commercial or residential setting, there are certain spaces that would greatly benefit from this design in the long run. By replacing your traditional dense and bulky staircase with an open riser staircase, you are opening the room, giving the illusion of a larger space. Therefore, natural light and air flow freely throughout the space.

The versatility of open riser stairs allows for the creative liberty of the client. While this style is not limited to indoors, open riser stairs can be used outdoors leading up to a front or back porch to tie in the natural beauty of your backyard. Primarily, an open riser is paired with simple wrought-iron bars that are placed either horizontally or vertically. This design adds to the light and airy esthetic you have created.

One of the advantages to open riser stairs is the versatility of the design. Whether your home has an original straight flight, circular, half turn, an open well or spiral stairs, the open risers will add to the original design with a modern twist. This layout is perfect if you have children or pets, allowing you to look straight through the staircase to the opposite side of the room to keep an eye on what they are doing. Feeling Inspired?

Be sure to visit our photo gallery to see a few of the open riser stairs we have done previously. From inspiration to installation, our team of skilled professionals will be dedicated to building the highest quality custom work that pairs wonderfully with the space you have created. Contact us to get started on your custom design today!

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