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Adding railings to your stairs, porch or balcony does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Our team has been installing railings in various residential or commercial settings for over 15 years. We make the process simple and affordable.

We use top quality material to ensure that your railings are safe and durable, whether it is an inside or outside installation.

Iron railings

A gorgeous metal or iron railing can completely transform an interior, or exterior space. Metal work brings a touch of class, timelessness, and luxury to any project or renovation. At MJ Iron Works—we consistently deliver stunning iron and metal railings to our valued clients. For over 15 years, we’ve served Chicago with the finest railings on the market.

Decks, porches, or stairs—we design and install it all.

Interior railing

Whether for a staircase or loft inside your home, or an elevated mezzanine in your office building—MJ Iron Works has the experience and meticulous attention to detail required to bring your railing system to life.

Exterior railing

Industrial, commercial, or residential—we offer gorgeous and functional railing systems for any application.

Our process

We love meeting new clients. Our process begins with a consultation, to find out more about you—and what you NEED out of your railing system. At this stage of the process, we lay out all of your options, at every price point. It’s important to note that we offer many types of iron railings and metal railings, from plain to intricate and ornate.

Once we decide on the right railing system for you, our team of trained and experienced metal work installation professionals craft and install your new railing. We’ve done jobs both big and small, from residential to industrial—with MJ Iron Works, you’re in great hands.

Railings we recently completed

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Custom iron and metal works

If you’re browsing our website, and haven’t quite found what you’re looking for CONTACT US! We love talking about iron and metal work, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. Whatever your needs—we’re here to help!