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Welding Habits And Patterns 2022

When it comes to skills such as welding, many might assume that the future is going to be all about automation. After all, that is what is happening in a vast number of other industries in all sectors, so why not welding too?

The truth is, although there will be some push towards automation in the welding industry, in many cases, the human factor will remain. It might be a case of working with the machines rather than the machines taking on all the work. This is good news for those who are skilled in metalwork and who can make excellent wrought iron fencing, for example. So let’s look more closely at what is potentially going to be the pattern of welding in 2022.

Welding Habits And Patterns 2022

A Growing Need For Welders

To begin with, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that there is a definite need for more welders and that by 2029, there should be a three percent increase in the number of welders available to work on your fence or landscape your yard with beautiful metalwork.

Adding to this, many who are trained to weld cast iron creations such as railings and ironworks are beginning to retire. This will leave a gap in the market where skilled metalworkers are needed but are not yet trained, though there will be a need due to the increase in work. So, if anyone is thinking of becoming a welder in Chicago or anywhere else in the country, now is the right time – by 2022, there will certainly be enough work for everyone who is trained in this important skill.

No Degree Needed

If creating a safer area for children to play due to a metal railing, or increasing someone's property value due to the wonderfully wrought iron balustrades you've created, then this might be the path for you. And it is possible, if you want to become a welder, you can. There are no barriers to entry; no university degree is needed.

For those who are more hands-on in their learning, welding offers a plethora of opportunities you can effectively learn as you work, ensuring that more welders can be trained to meet the growing need for wrought iron and steelwork. For those looking for a career that enables them to start making money from the outset, welding could be the answer. It is likely that, as the job market changes and university degrees lose some of their ultimate value, more people will turn to the practical skills and careers, and welding is something that will attract a lot of people thanks to its low entry requirements, relatively high pay, and ongoing opportunities.

More Women Welders

Another pattern that is becoming increasingly obvious in the welding industry is that more women are joining and making it their full-time career. Right now, women make up about nine percent of the construction industry as a whole, with welding being just a small part of that.

Since the number is quite low at the moment, there is a big push to ensure more women choose to join the construction industry and specifically welding. So in the future, and certainly you’ll see by the start of 2022, more women welders will be available for work.

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