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MJ Iron Works invests a significant amount of energy and effort into producing the creative and impactful work for our clients. You want your project to shine and our job is to make sure that your neighbors and competitors envy you. Check out our gallery to see some of our work


The use of the quality materials combined with skills in metal crafting acquired over last 15 years of serving Chicagoland can only produce one result- an amazing finished product that you will be proud of. Click here to see what our clients have to say about our work


As a small, family owner company we tailor to the needs of any budget. Our team will make sure to understand your project and to make a proposal that fits your need and your budget. There is no need to put on hold your metal works project. Get a Quote Today

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Wrought Iron Winter: Tips for Enhancing Curb Appeal in the Snow

As winter blankets our surroundings in a serene layer of snow, it's time to transform our homes into cozy havens. For those with the elegant touch of wrought iron gracing their exteriors, winter offers a unique canvas to enhance curb appeal. At MJ Iron Works, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression even in the coldest season.

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Holiday Wrought Iron: Creating Halloween Decorations with MJ Iron Works

As the leaves change colors and the nights grow longer, Halloween enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for one of the spookiest times of the year. While most people focus on costumes and pumpkins, there's another way to embrace the Halloween spirit – by incorporating decorations into your home and yard.

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Staircases in Chicago: A Masterpiece by MJ Iron Works

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your indoor or outdoor space in Chicago, few elements rival the significance of a well-crafted staircase. Staircases not only connect different levels of a structure but also serve as a focal point that can elevate the overall appeal of your home or business.

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