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MJ Iron Works invests a significant amount of energy and effort into producing the creative and impactful work for our clients. You want your project to shine and our job is to make sure that your neighbors and competitors envy you. Check out our gallery to see some of our work


The use of the quality materials combined with skills in metal crafting acquired over last 15 years of serving Chicagoland can only produce one result- an amazing finished product that you will be proud of. Click here to see what our clients have to say about our work


As a small, family owner company we tailor to the needs of any budget. Our team will make sure to understand your project and to make a proposal that fits your need and your budget. There is no need to put on hold your metal works project. Get a Quote Today

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Metalworking Through the Ages: A Historical Journey

Metalworking stands as one of humanity's oldest and most enduring crafts, dating back thousands of years to the dawn of civilization. From humble beginnings to intricate masterpieces, the history of metalworking is a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. Join us on a fascinating journey through the annals of time as we explore the evolution of metalworking and its profound impact on human history.

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Aesthetics Meets Functionality: The Art of Custom Ironwork

In the realm of architectural design and home decor, the marriage of aesthetics and functionality is a delicate dance that results in truly timeless creations. One such medium that effortlessly blends beauty with purpose is custom ironwork. The artistry of crafting bespoke iron pieces not only elevates the visual appeal of a space but also serves practical purposes, making it a sought-after choice for homeowners and designers alike.

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Iron Gates and Automation: Blending Security with Convenience in Modern Living

In the realm of home security and modern living, the integration of iron gates with automation technology stands out as a formidable combination. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, iron gates, when paired with smart automation, offer a seamless blend of enhanced security and unparalleled convenience. In this article, we delve into the world of iron gates and automation, exploring how this synergy is transforming the way we approach home safety and everyday living.

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